Assalamualaikum&Hi everyone!

my last entry is just about ads... lol;..... and right now, i just feels like to share how my 2017 are....
ok so, my life in 2017 is good. nice. nothing more. nothing less..
so far, 2017 is a struggle year. but i'm pretty sure 2018 will be way moreeee strunggling than 2017. since it is my SPM year. sobs. postitively, we won the kawad kaki and the forum competition. but my grades are slipping! but hey! i studied addmath like crazy. and Alhamdulillah.  it actually worked.  a lilttle bit. but still, failing it is a disaster.

in other side, i did achieved some of my goals--to be active, read at least one eng novel. Also, i had some fun time w/ friends---going on a holiday(its only a school trip).

haha takleh rotate
so this is the book i read this month (the only free month that i got)

well, my mom bought this book for me years ago... but i read it now. hehe

that's all from me (for now)


  1. Good luck for spm next year! While i'll be taking pt3 next year huhu anyway happy new year! :)

    1. aww, Thankyou! and, goodluck too! <3

  2. Good luck for ur SPM sis.. Be more success in ur life and happy new year..

    1. Thankyouuu,, Happy new year too :)


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