Saturday, 28 October 2017


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Assalamualaikum and hello readers!
Today i'll be sharing a few tips on how to stay motivated for school/study! i've tried all those tips and i found it's really helpful. Let me know if it helps you out!

1, Set Goals
You can motivate yourself by setting a monthly, weekly and year goals.

2.Don't focus on the overall workload
break those workload down into small steps! separate and simplify it! 

3.Always surround yourself with inspiration
for example; follows studygram/studyblr ! its reaalllly helps me out.

4. watch inspiration videos
i likes to watch videos from these channels; jem, study gal, studyign, twinklinglena(i want to be a doc lol)

how do u motivate yourself? let me know by comment down below ;)


  1. I'll just keep moving forward and saying all will be fine. :D

    1. woah! i use that method too! but not 'everytime' cuz sometimes i've lacked of self-confidence :')

  2. akak bukanlah orang yang organize and most of the time kat sekolah i didnt focus pun hahaha.. but all these tips are great and hopefully will help you people out there =)

    1. sama lah, hahahah.. Farah pun mana nak fokus dalam kelas, tak kisah sngt pun pasal pelajaran. tapi sejak dua menjak ni baru timbul kesedaran diri. cuba la tips tips ni.. ada bergunanya dalam hidup.


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