kpop giveaway by fa

so, farah nak buat giveaway untuk menyerikan semula blog yang kian pudar. (harap dpt sambutan haha)
kenapa kpop? sebab brg nak bagi merupakan brg kpop shj lul.for non-kpoppers sila nantikan ga seterusnya.

cara join;
-follow blog ni
-klik sini, sini dan sini
-subscribe youtube ini
-comment link entry korang!

poster x1 (bakal diupdate nama idolnya)
button badge x1 (bakal diupdate nama idolnya)

semoga dapat sambutan yang banyak :) kalau ramai boleh tambah hadiah :)


Assalamualaikum & hi everyone! how are you guys doing? hope that you guys are doing g00d!
Today i'll be sharing with you guys what's my favourite for this month.. erm.. not including clothes cuz i didn't shop much cuz its exam month😪However, i still got myself a few items and few of them has been my fav!

i got this from HERMO.. cuz that time i was suffering with SUNBURN. my face was very dark back then. yulks.. and after i use this face wash, i get over with my sunburn but my sunburn isn't reduced like magic. It does takes time, like.. a month i guess? i got this since september. so yah it takes a month.

Besides using the face wash, i also use this mosturizer. i read a lot of positive feedback about this product and i feel like I NEED TO TRY THIS! so i got myself one. as what others tells, its does reduce the sunburn. oh! i almost forgot to tell you that i also got this from HERMO. lol, this is not an ad, guys. 

uh, i got this from lrt station masjid jamek. is it lrt? hrm, maybe yes. i don't know how to desc this... whether it is a lip balm or a lipstick =.= but i really like it cuz its cheap(the price is RM1 guys. how crazy) but the colour was nice. you can make it gradient or normal colour. 
Savee Magic Lip 1

i only use the sample. lol. i got the sample for free so i use it. never waste free stuff man. i found this mask is soooooo goooood its makes your skin feels so freeking sOFT OMG! but yeah the real one is so expensive. so i'll never get the new one.
Image result for thefaceshop madagascar mask
i'm currently love to hear calming music after a day of stressful exam. i likes the lowfi/lo-fi kinda style.  alright let show u guys.

2. as always kpop. lol. 
-bts- gogo (i like the choreo omg help me)
-exo- all of it till now lol 
-imma new fans of IU hahaha wtf so i'm so lame. -sleepless rainy night&pallete
-sunmi-gashina (this is LIT FAM)

fuhh it's finally done......... im so tired.... its already 1:17am.....
what is your favourite? or u have the same as mine? comment below and let me now! 
that's all from me, luv, farah.


credit; tumblr

Assalamualaikum and hello readers!
Today i'll be sharing a few tips on how to stay motivated for school/study! i've tried all those tips and i found it's really helpful. Let me know if it helps you out!

1, Set Goals
You can motivate yourself by setting a monthly, weekly and year goals.

2.Don't focus on the overall workload
break those workload down into small steps! separate and simplify it! 

3.Always surround yourself with inspiration
for example; follows studygram/studyblr ! its reaalllly helps me out.

4. watch inspiration videos
i likes to watch videos from these channels; jem, study gal, studyign, twinklinglena(i want to be a doc lol)

how do u motivate yourself? let me know by comment down below ;)


credit; tumblr

Hello everybody!
hahh i missed my blog very much. i miss writing entries, visiting others and all! it's almost been 3 months i guess??? i faced 24 papers for my finals and it tooks A MONTH! but it was such a relieved after it all done. 

So, i decided to update my blog because my blog has been quiet for such a long time..... i scheduled my time... what to post.... and others :) oh ya! i decided to post more about motivation, tips, and lifestyle! also, i'm going to be sharing a lot of study tips! hope you guys can wait for those entries ;)

that's all for now, luv, farah, 

The Color run 2017!



So, last week i went to the Color Run MY 2017! #happiest5k!, actually ini ialah first ever event besar besar yang faye pernah pergi. so, sedikit excited huhuhuhu TT..

4th August 2017
faye pergi pickup barang dekat e-curve dengan kakak faye. we went there at 1pm??? macam tu. lupa la pastu pergi makan area sana & shopping sikit(nak buat haul tapi gambar hilang huhuhu) kitorang dapat beg dan macam macam barang.

apa yang ada dalam beg - baju, headband, wristband(yang ni beli sebab tak termasuk dlm package), tattoo, nombor , sampel dari thefaceshop dan biskut nivita.

and i met my boyfriends lol (selit sikit)

13th August 2017
The event day! woke up at 5a.m, and gerak pukul 5:45a.m mcam tu. sampai sana(padang merbok) dalam pukul 6. and larian start pukul 7. so we're one on those early birds! waktu start lari tu fuhh semangat membara. lama lama semangat makin pudar hahaha. actually, kitorang jalan je. sebab ni bukan perlumbaan. each person will get their own medal. so, chill. 

- had so much fun!-

excuse my face. the sun was too bright!
-with the most colourful one!-

pingat dia! cantik!

singgah sekejap >.<

 itu je untuk kali! hope korang enjoy!

Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case, Book Style REVIEW | shopping at lazada

rindunyaaa nak update blog sebab dah lama tak update. busy dengan sekolah... seb baik harini faye berpeluang untuk update blog
Hari selasa haritu, faye ada beli satu pen case atau orang biasa panggil pencil case/pencil box ni. sebab apa faye berminat dengan pen case ni? sebab haritu faye ada tengok kat youtube - "what's in my pen case" and orang tu guna pen case ni. pen case ni pulak nampak kemas and sesuai untuk orang yang nak stay organised macam faye! jom tengok pen case tu!!!

Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case, Book Style

pengahantaran sangat cepat! faye bayar 11/7 dapat 13/7 !! dua hari jee 😱 
harga : RM23.20(sale price) harga asal : RM58.00!

what's inside >.<

look without stationeries

look with stationeries! boleh letak macam macam barang lagi! 

itu sahaja! harap dapat memuaskan hati korang!

Free Whiskas Sample !

Inspiring Pins:  

Aslm & Hi!!
guess what arrived at my home today?
it's a Whiskas sample !! farah dah tunggu lama sampel ni akhirnya sampai jugak..
let's start !

here's how it looks - it was nicely wrapped

front&back (farah dapat coupon jugak huhuhu)

here's what inside - ada 3 packet whiskas and 1 buku panduan :)

Actually, farah tak bela kucing pun. tapi sebab selalu ada kucing kat kawasan rumah ni, jadi farah ingat nak dapatkan ni so bolehlah kasi kat kucing kucing tu~

nak jugak? pergi sini - Whiskas Percuma

Dapat free sample Eversoft Cleansing Milk!

Salam semua... Nak cerita sikit kisah gembira harini balik balik sekolah cek peti surat ada sampul. Ingatkan surat untuk mak abah. Tapi rasa macam ada something selain surat. Tengok tengok nama sendiri. Masa tu blur kejap sebab tak ingat kenapa dapat surat. Pastu baru teringat yang farah pernah isi form Sample Eversoft Cleansing Milk ni... Actually masa dapat surat tu.. surat tu terkoyak sikit kat belakang.. jadi mungkin ada orang lain tengok atau abg posmen terkoyakkan sebab tak muat dalam peti surat... hehehe..

 Inilah rupa suratnya

Apa yang ada di dalam? ada Nota dari Eversoft, Voucher RM3 dan Sample Eversoft Cleansing Milk!

Ini Notanya

Ini Cleansing Milk dia. Farah dapat Extra Whitening & Radiant Skin Cleansing Milk. Bau pun wangi je. 

Thanks Eversoft !
Nak jugak ? boleh klik SINI. Korang akan dibawa ke satu site yang bagi link form untuk diisi. Apa korang kena buat ialah hanya isi Form tersebut dan hantar!