Saturday, 30 December 2017


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Assalamualaikum&Hi everyone!

so, today i just want to share some back to school MUST-HAVE! I've planned to done this entry long long time ago. but hehe it tooks longer than i expected.. so, let's get started!


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hanya sekdar hiasan
apalah sekolah tanpa beg sekolah.. right? i recommend a big with a lot of compartment so you can organize your stuff easily!

here, you'll need 2 type of notebook. 1---exercise book and 2---notebook to write down anything. this is important! becouse i believe, sometimes, your teacher change the slide real quick. i feel that. and to write down some other notes like things you need to bring the next day. 


 Here some tips on choosing a PERFECT pencil case; one with a lot of compartment; one that can fit calculator; one that can fit your stuff(eraser, pens & correction tape/white out). so, you won't left anything behind.


some people doesn't realizes the important of planner. a planner can keep you organize. you can also manage your time properly and plan your study time. ok i got this planner from MR.DIY . i love it. it is for daily plan and it contains exactly 365 pages for 365 days (1 year)!


normal. everyone knows it. ok so i got some from popular bookstore, some from border and some from daiso. i prefer ballpen with 0.7mm tip becouse it is thick and you can read it easily. 


I am crazy for sticky notes. ilove sticky notes. you can write on it and paste is anywhere so you can read it anywhere, anytime, easily. urm, i got some from eco shop (the rm2 one) and some from MR.DIY!

That's all, bye!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

farewell, jonghyun

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Yes please
Assalamualaikum & hi everyone.

so, we were suprised by jonghyun's death news. and the news spread all over the world. i'm not a shawol but i was in tears as soon as SM confirmed jonghyun's death. of course, i did hoped the news just a prank.. but it didn't turn as a prank. it was real.
guys, pls aware that depression is no joke. it can harm people. plus, it can also couse death/committed suicide. 
i hope non of us are having depression, please take care of yourself and your health
sending love, rest well jonghyun πŸ’—

and for all muslims, pleasee DON'T forget our Baitulmaqdis, keep praying for it and our family thereπŸ’“

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

New skin + a boring post + giveaway update

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EXO 5th Consecutive Daesang
-my humble kings-
Assalamualaikum & Hi semuaaa
lama gak tak update blog. december kan... busy sikit dengn school trip ke melaka (update story nanti), adik nak sekolah tahun depan, wah tak sedar diri sendiri nak spm tahun depan lol  

anyway, blog farah dah update ke skin baru huhuhu still tak puas sebab skin simple sangat and ada benda yg takleh bwa bincang (u know, benda slide tu yg asik loading je tak keluar apa2 pon) maklumla skin pon download je sebab takde idea gik nak edit mcm mana.

----------------------GIVEAWAY UPDATE---------------------------------------------------------------------
esok nak tamat dah giveaway tapi sempat lagi la nak join kpd yg belom join tu... andddd kedua2 hadiah yg dinyatakan akan diberi kpd seorang pemenang sahaja dannnnn giveaway akan tamat pada bila2 masa je esok. jadi nak join ada masa malam ni je dan pagi esok. *sudah terang lagi bersuluh sy tak bangun awal pagi* huhuhuhuhu

congrats to my king(s) for their 5th consecutive daesang luv yaπŸ’–πŸ‘„
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